Saturday, August 22, 2009

Worship-filled life

As I began to read tonight continued into Chronicles I came upon a startling conclusion. Everybody dies. Constantly the writers of the histories mention no matter how good or evil a king, judge, or prophet was.....they all died. Now logically everyone understands that they will die, but tonight as my wife placed her arm on top of my chest and I felt the silken skin I realized one day, there will be no silken skin to touch. The photos on our dresser that mean so much in our home today, will one day be nothing more than yellowed pictures either dis-integrated by time or tossed by relatives who like wise will have the same process put upon them.

The dresser, handmade will be passed down to generations upon generations, and then will become dust. The home we rent, will be bulldozed and memories made will be long forgotten. Everything no matter how perceptibly permanent will wither away. Everything. Every single thing.

I began to weep silently at this. No amount of effort, strength, perseverance, hate, love, peace, war, will change the inevitable. The destruction of all. Perhaps that is why the bible ends with the revelation....I heard it once said that things that are profoundly said are nothing but obvious things revealed. Revelation speaks in description and propounds the obvious. This world will fall away. Everything.

I have also heard it said, all die, but few live. This moment, this blink in the folds of time are all I have. All I am given by God are these few decades if that. I am truly not given any more moments than each breath. Each exhalation is a prayer for the next inhalation. Each step is a faith for the next. Each act done is a grasping of the soul. Grasping pleasure, pain, hate, love, existence, apathy. We all reach for something to console the fact we have no moments past, only the continual fleeting of future time.

It can be quite depressing, even futile to ponder, yet I remember the only man who made the dead come alive, including himself. Death was conquered by only one, whose name we can only attempt to describe. God. Now, for everything else death is a final. Even in the beginning we were not made to be immortal. Reference Gen. 3:22. We were given a time and then were to return to the dust. According to the prehistory recorded by "Moses", once we knew Good and Evil we were banished because if we continued and ate of the tree of life, then we would live forever. And we were denied eternal life, because historically, it was our father's sin.

And so there was continual denial until Christ, who was God, the initial denier, forgave and reconciled his creation. We just have been so long out of commission that we haven't seen the beauty of eternal life...It begins now, and death which can sound so final and overwhelming is nothing but another event in life, akin to asking out your high school crush, getting married, or the birth of your child. It will become a part of you in the eternal rebirthing of the universe, created by the ultimate creator.

It is still sobering to know I will die, because this is a for now just hope, it is blind because I know of it only through an author who recorded the history given to him either by God or personal witness. On the day of my death I expect a hope fulfilled.

The air has never smelled sweeter, the songs I hear have never sounded so great, the smile of my wife has never been more beautiful.

I end with this. I have begun a job as a barista at a local shop called Sugar Brown's and I have been training how to make espresso. It is quite complex, more so than I thought, yet the manager training me, Nat, said something that hit my mind harder than the 10 pulled shots of 'spro.

He said, "Making espresso is not A+B=C, you will never get a perfect espresso by learning a formula and executing it. There is no perfect espresso, there is only good espresso and that, my friend, can be learned with a little bit of effort, forethought, and time."

So, I leave the online world with this, I cannot make a perfect life, one that will be remembered as immortally the best. I can, however, live a good one, if I take the time to invest in it.

Make your life taste like the best 'spro ever.

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