Thursday, August 20, 2009

And so it begins...

They say every day can be a new beginning. I have accepted a position as a worship leader for a small, fluctuating, youth group. I have lead worship before, on occasion, but it was slavishly done and not consistent. Now comes, as Nietzsche would say, the long hard road of obedience.

As I start this road I have come to one conclusion...I have absolutely no idea how to lead others into the throne room of God. Yet as a journey of 1000 miles begins with 1 step, so shall this journey begin with a single step. An act of faith, if you will.

As a friend once said, to start something you should find others who are farther down the road than you and follow their example.

Since I decided to blog I have started to look for other blogs that I could glean tips from and so I started with the first worship leader's name that came up...

Matt Redman
This isn't really updated that much with close to 6 months to 1 year between posts. Not that I am knocking him, he has written quite a few books that are in stores.

So, unless I want to pay for worship wisdom, the search continues...

Next up is...

David Crowder
I almost didn't believe this was his website. It is an old school Xanga and is filled with Youtube videos, rock-u-mentaries, reviews of such things as Ruby Tequila's hot sauce. I will enjoy this as a testament to the light-hearted side of worship, of which there totally is, otherwise heaven might be a little dull without some down home Mrs. Tequila's hot sauce.

On the road again...

Chris Tomlin
This is a road tour blog it seems. Which isn't out of the way since he is on tour quite a bit. He does update it frequently and there are photos which always take away from the drudgery of reading words.

Look a gentoo penguin!

I will look into this blog more and also, find out how this penguin is hopping...on water.

Continuing on...

Charlie Hall
A myspace blog that is full of reflections on worship songs and pictures of the the full beard. Tour dates are very much a part of this blog as well. His blog actually sparked the next one.

Phil Wickham
This one gets a little more in-depth than the other ones and is updated quite frequently. Lo, and behold there is a free live worship album from him and 3000 of his closest friends. Phil is more reflective and pensive and yet still finds time to play with a rainbow hula hoop

Finally for today....

This is their full band website of which there are quite a few videos, song downloads, pictures, etc.

Well, I have not delved deep into any of these blogs but have given a grand overview to each. These have given me an insight into the more noted worship leaders. They are all thoughtful, reflective, and certifiably crazy.

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