Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hymns...The forgotten fathers

Hymns are quite honestly some of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. The best version and rendition of a hymn I have ever heard was that of Sufjan Stevens' "Holy, Holy, Holy". Shivers are the least of my bodily functions when this song wafts through the airwaves. But beyond just remaking the songs, the words themselves are passionate, filled with depth and and desire for perfection through the discipline of Christ.

I am not knocking current worship songs at all, but I have begun to see those that stand the test of time, do so for a reason. They do so because no matter the age or time the impact is still felt. The songs of old such as "It is Well" or "O, for a thousand tongues" are shaping the way I view worship.

I have started to see worship as they did, full of poetry, passion, thought, and an obedience to the God that they loved. These songs did not come from men looking to sing, but men expressing their devotion to God.

Just a quick thought. Pace e bene


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