Monday, October 19, 2009

begin where you are

Thomas Kelly penned these words in response to a concept called holy obedience. I have wondered about this concept for quite some time. The idea that humans begin where they are. Obey now. There is no time like the present and all other cliche religious phrases bear the same meaning. There is something about starting that moves us wholly in the universe. It changes our being.

Most of the christianity practiced is but a passive attempt at following christ. There are other more active ways in changing the world. Take music for example. I have played music for quite a while and have started going back to school to make a career as a musician. Now, I have to be a part of an ensemble and out of all the choices I tried this one...bluegrass. This has shown to be a great challenge because no longer is one a single musician but is part of a group where things must be standardized. I have a great challenge to accomplish by leading the other musicians in a song. They cannot follow me without a plan, and so my ability to read, have standard rythym, and so on are being tested. I was failing to even keep a simple rythym correctly and the band was suffering. So I went home and dissected the song beat by beat. It was tedious and time consuming, but when I brought it in the next day, the song was a million times better because I had taken the time to delve into what I was leading. It made the experience for others much better and they could follow and shine on there own terms. This is how the followers of christ must be. They must delve deep into the waters of Jesus' life and then show others the same way for them to follow their own path.

Peace easy,


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